Pregnancy Test: Free Apps!


Are you questioning if you are pregnant or not? Don’t worry anymore, We have 3 amazing apps to give you a little help with that.

We all know that apps have been proving to us they are time savers and this time it is no different.

You are now just a few touch screens away from the answers you need.


To get the results the apps will go through the early pregnancy symptoms.

So tag along with me, and let’s check them out:

1 – Pregnancy Test – Symptoms.

Opening our list, we have this quick 15 questions quiz.


Based on the early pregnancy symptoms, such as a delayed period, irritability, fatigue, getting nauseous, and so on, the app will give you an approximate number, and tell you how far you are from being pregnant or not.

Once you get the results, be aware, If it displays a closer to pregnancy result, the next step is to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

This app comes with:

  • 15 symptoms easy online questionary.
  • Guide result

Follow the steps and push the doubts away.

2- Pregnancy Test – At Home Guide.

The second app is also a great option for pregnancy tests. You can easily do it in the comfort of your house.

It’s known that we don’t always have a pharmacy around or the time to walk by one, so this comes a lot in hand.

With super complete questions and an easy method to follow, this app will guide you to get closer as possible to the accurate result.

No need to leave the house, you got everything right there.

It’s available for Android, so give it a try.

3 – The Clear Blue Quiz – Am I pregnant?

Have you heard about Clear Blue?

If no is the answer, I’ll now introduce you to the pros. Clear blue is one of the most well-known pregnancy test companies.

Their app is another good option, specifically because you don’t have to wait for your period to come or not to have it done.

You can even take the test 6 days before your period arrives. It’s that simple!

Since bodies are different and not every woman will feel the first symptoms intensively, which can make you feel a bit confused, the app shows to be very helpful.

So to find out if you will become a “lullaby singer” or not, you can access the clear blue website and try out the test.

There you go, 3 fast ways to get a decent result about pregnancy!

Don’t forget! Pregnancy Tests apps are amazing options, but they don’t replace your doctor.

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